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Venue guide

Venue address:Xi'an Qujiang Conference Center(Cuihua Road and Huixin Road and Yan Nan Road between the five interchange)

Site entrance:North 1A、North 1B、North 1C、South 1A、South 1B、West 3 door

Xi'an travel

Xi'an City Exit and Entry Administration Consulting Tel:029-87275934

Xi'an tourism hotline:029-87260498

Xi'an Xianyang International Airport Tel:029-96788

Xi'an taxi taxi phone:029-96716

Xi'an subway phone:029-965916

Venue guide
Xi'an travel
Urban development plan, Xi'an "area along the way" to build 2017 action plan released

Conference Contact

Eurasian Economic Forum Secretariat

  • 029-86787160

  • 029-86787162


To build "along the way"

Development strategy