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2013 Review

  • 2013 Eurasian Economic Forum Opening Ceremony

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  • Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, the National People's Congress Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Li Zhaoxing

  • 2013 Eurasian Economic Forum Financial Summit Forum

On the morning of September 26, 2013, the Eurasian Economic Forum was opened in Xi'an. Wang Yang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Ukrainian First Deputy Prime Minister Albuzov, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Honorary Director of the Eurasian Economic Forum Organizing Committee Chen Yuan, Secretary General of the SCO Meijin Fu, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Zhao Zhengyong Speaking at the opening ceremony respectively. Provincial Standing Committee, Xi'an Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wei Minzhou presided over the opening ceremony.

Former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of Kazakhstan Cheng Siwei, Jiang Zhenghua, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, governor Lou Qinjian, chairman of the provincial CPPCC Ma Zhongping, deputy secretary general of the State Council Bi Jingquan, vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce Zhong Shan Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zhang Jianguo, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Cheng Guoping, Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection Li Ganjie, Deputy Director of Customs and Excise Department Sun Yibiao, Provincial Standing Committee Jiang Zelin, Liu Xiaoyan, Deputy Director of Provincial People's Congress Song Hongwu, Vice Governor Zhang Daohong, Bai Aying, Zhuang Changxing, Wang Lixia, Dong Jun, mayor of Xi'an, and Cheng Qunli, chairman of the CPPCC.

Wang Yang pointed out in his speech, Eurasia is an ancient magical and full of vitality of the land, for the progress of human civilization made an indelible contribution. At present, the international and regional situation is undergoing profound and complex changes, Eurasian countries usher in the most common interests, the greatest opportunity for cooperation in the historical period. President Xi Jinping proposed to jointly build the "Silk Road Economic Zone" strategic concept, to the regional development and development has brought unprecedented opportunities. Eurasian countries to a more determined determination, more pragmatic initiatives to promote regional cooperation to a wider range, wider areas, a higher level of development, so that the "Silk Road Economic Zone," the strategic concept of early bear fruit, the benefit The people of all countries.

Wang Yang on the Eurasian countries to work together to make four suggestions. First, firmly grasp the basis of political mutual trust, strategic and long-term perspective on mutual cooperation, the common interests of the cake bigger, not because of the impact of the overall situation of cooperation. Second, firmly grasp the common development of this center, exchange and learn from each other's development experience, to explore their own development path in line with their own national conditions, so that more people enjoy the fruits of development and cooperation. Thirdly, we firmly grasp the power of opening up and open up, resist all kinds of protectionism together, promote the free flow of factors and personnel in the region, and promote the interconnection of infrastructure. Fourth, firmly grasp the humanities exchange this link, expand the field of education exchanges, tap the potential of tourism cooperation, promote dialogue between different civilizations, promote the Eurasian peoples to understand each other and deepen friendship.

Chen Yuan said in his speech, in the deepening development of globalization, the world economic structure of the depth of the new situation, the construction of "Silk Road Economic Zone" is the Eurasian countries to cope with the international financial crisis, and promote the common prosperity of the inevitable requirement. We should actively explore new ways of regional cooperation and adopt a cooperative mechanism such as Shanghai Cooperation Organization to focus on promoting regional traffic integration and large-scale project construction. At the same time, we should play a leading role in the financial, the establishment of a lasting and stable regional financial services mechanism to promote currency exchange and currency trade settlement, increase financial support for key projects.

In his speech, Zhao said that the Eurasian Economic Forum has a positive and far-reaching significance for deepening pragmatic cooperation and promoting common prosperity as the theme, which is closely related to the close economic and economic exchanges between Europe and Asia and the promotion of the well-being of all peoples. Shaanxi will earnestly implement the strategic conception of President Xi Jinping on the construction of the "Silk Road Economic Belt", practice policy communication, road connection, trade flow, currency circulation, popular communication, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with all countries in Central Asia, and strive to build "Silk Road economic belt "of the bridgehead.

There are 1 general meeting, 8 parallel clubs, 5 matching meetings and 6 thematic activities. There are about 150 meetings and conferences organized by various forums. Political officials, representatives of international organizations, entrepreneurs and experts and scholars will be extensive. To carry out multi-level, multi-field, multi-form dialogue and exchange.

26 afternoon, Wang Yang hosted the convening of Shaanxi, Gansu, Ning, Green, New Fourth Five Provinces open to the outside world forum. He stressed that expanding the opening to the west, is to optimize the regional opening pattern, promote regional coordinated development of the inevitable requirement. To strengthen the top design, careful planning, innovation policy, to encourage local bold exploration, in practice, gradually accumulate experience.

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